About Sandstone Tours

Tours of Monument Valley

Sandstone Tours is committed to providing an unforgettable experience through the best and most inspiring natural formations that Monument Valley has to offer. Our knowledgeable guides are native to the area and provide an awe inspiring look at the valley and its many widespread formations. Most of the attractions in Monument Valley are not open or accessible to the public, and many visitors see only the formations visible from the entrance to the park or on the route that is open to the public, and miss much of the beauty the area has to offer. With one of our guided tours you can relax and enjoy hundreds of natural sandstone formations in a comfortable 4-wheel drive (4x4) vehicle along an area that can take up to an entire day to cover. There are many opportunities for photography and several pickup times which allow for you to see Monument Valley during many times from sunrise to sunset. We also offer all day and half day tours to show you even more of the sites and can book your tour with up to 12 people in one truck and multiple trucks are available for larger parties.

A tour of Monument Valley or Mystery Valley gives you a fun and personal experience on your trek through the sights.

There are several good reasons why you should choose to make a reservation with Sandstone Tours for your visit to Monument Valley. First, is our mission to bring you a comfortable, informative, and fun experience for your time spent in Monument Valley. Sandstone Tours employs professional Navajo tour guides who are friendly, knowledgeable and experienced in navigating the valley. We strive to provide a comfortable environment by offering well-spaced seating in our tour trucks and providing bottled water to our customers. By making a reservation online, you can take advantage of our special internet pricing. Without a reservation you can get a tour at the park, however, the prices are higher for most companies including Sandstone Tours, for tours without a reservation. In the peak months especially, there are many tourists in the valley and trucks can get full rather quickly. Because of our many internet pickup time options, all available pick-up times are rarely booked, which means you get a guide and vehicle that is rarely full with other visitors. In many cases a reserved tour is often for your party only, though we only guarantee that if you purchase an upgraded private tour. If you reserve your tour with us on the internet you have the option of a private tour, which guarantees you a guide and truck dedicated to your tour. By reserving online with Sandstone Tours, you can skip the hassle and often haggling of dealing with the tour companies at the tour booth. We accept cash, credit cards and travelers checks and will be there to meet you and quickly get you going on your tour of Monument Valley. Browse our list of available tours.