Mystery Valley, Monument Valley

2013-04-04Sandstone Tours

Honeymoon Arch in Mystery Valley - Sandstone Tours

Mystery Valley, as the name implies, is an amazing location full of mystery and wonder.  Mystery Valley is tucked away on the southern portion of the Monument Valley Tribal park and is restricted only to those on a guided tour.  Despite the vastness of Mystery Valley and its many formations, it exists in the middle of a valley and cannot be seen from a great distance or even from the air.  Mystery Valley is a hidden gem that offers massive sandstone arches, buttes, spires, and mesas, as well as, Anasazi ruins, petroglpys and even an ancient cold storage area.  Many visitors to Monument Valley take a self-guided or basic tour and think they have seen it its entirety without even knowing that there is so much more to be seen in Mystery Valley. 

In order to get to Mystery Valley, you trek through Monument Valley towards the southern portion of the park.  The Sandstone tours of Mystery Valley are a good economical choice because you get to see most of the Monument Valley sights on the way.  You could, of course choose to go for a full 6 hour tour, as there are more than enough places to explore to fill 6 hours.

Mystery Valley Square House Ruins - Sandstone Tours

Mystery valley is home to Honeymoon Arch, lone pine arch,  halfmoon arch, square house ruins, baby foot ruin, which are just a few of the sites you would visit with Sandstone tours and a Navajo tour guide who knows the area and its history.  Not only is the area very rich in natural sandstone formations,  the ruins left behind by the Anasazi natives are still plentiful throughout Mystery Valley.   The Anasazis lived in Monument and Mystery Valley more than 600 years ago and the evidence left behind by their presence is scattered throughout the area.  Amazing, the sandstone faces still hold many petroglyphs depicting humans, animals, and other art forms.  The policy of restricting visitors from visiting Mystery Valley has had a positive effect on the pristine conditions of the ruins, the cleanliness of the area, and is a benefit to future visitors who get to see such historical sites in their original locations and undisturbed state.

Mystery Valley Petroglyph Human Figure

A visit to Mystery Valley is a good way to experience a visit to Monument Valley and most visitors agree.  We at Sandstone Tours are ready to take you on a tour of Mystery Valley with a friendly Navajo tour guide in a comfortable, heavy duty, 4x4, open-air truck.  Our vehicles hold a maximum of 12 people and often run with many empty seats, so you get a personal tour experience and get a great view of the area while you are on your way to different sightseeing locations.  We always recommend that you make a reservation for your guided tour of Monument or Mystery Valley.  You can reserve your tour of Monument Valley or Mystery Valley from our reservation page in just a few minutes.  If you area curious why a reservation is a good idea, please check out our article on why you should make a reservation when visiting Monument Valley, which you can do on our website in just a few minutes.