Sandstone Tours Launches Online Discount Tour Reservations

On April 10, 2015, Sandstone Tours launched a new online feature on their website to leverage customized software to advertise and allow online bookings for available seats at discounted rates of up to 30% off the regular internet price.  Sanstone Tours is committed to leveraging custom software to improve all aspects of the Monument Valley Tour business and to better serve customers.  The online tour discount feature is the first of its kind for any Monument Valley Tour provider and gives visitors to the park the opportunity to reserve open seats on tours that have already been scheduled at prices that cannot be matched by any other tour business in Monument Valley.  

This new feature not only saves money for tourists who want to attend a tour but it also provides them the ability to setup their tour online before they arrive and have a hassle free experience when arriving for their tour of Monument Valley.  All other businesses who provide reservations of tours almost always require that a tour be reserved for a minimum of two persons to cover the cost of the tour.  Thus visitors who desire to take a tour alone, simply cannot avoid showing up on the day of their tour and trying to find a tour at the park once they arrive.  Because the tour information booth is run by companies that rotate the servicing of tourists who come to the booth on the day of their tour, a single visitor who desires a tour is put in a situation where they might end up on a tour that charges high prices or undesirable quality of service.  This new discount tour feature from Sandstone Tours helps to solve that problem by allowing single visitors the option of not only joining an existing tour, but the ability to do so at a discounted price.

Tours that are discounted with the Sandstone Tours discount reservation feature include Sunrise and Sunset tours, as well as tours ranging from 1.5 to 6 Hours covering both Monument and Mystery Valley.  Every tour listed on the discount reservation page is advertised at between 10% and 30% off the regular internet price.  Reserving a discounted tour with this new feature is simple and quick.  Simply go to the Sandstone Tours Online Discount page and browse the selection of available seats to see if there are any seats available for your desired tour date.  Each advertised tour has a "Reserve" link which after filling in some basic information and paying a reservation deposit, a reservation is secured for that tour.  An official email confirmation and invoice will be sent to those requesting a discount reservation, along with a map to the pickup location near the entrance of the Monument Valley Tribal Park within 24 hours of a paid deposit.  Sandstone Tours, Inc. has many other software features in development and looks forward to providing a better tour experience for all visitors to Monument Valley from the point of their initial reservation until they have completed their tour.