Should I make a reservation for a tour?

2013-04-04Sandstone Tours

The Mittens in Monument Valley on a beautiful day

Monument Valley is a very popular tourism destination and like most outdoor locations we have a busy season.  Our peak visitor time is usually from May through October.  When you visit the Monument Valley Tribal Park, you have a few options for determining how you want to best experience the sights in the area.  There is a 17-mile self guided driving loop which is the most inexpensive option for those wanting to see at least some of Monument Valley.  The downside to this route, is that this self-guided loop represents only a very small fraction of the sights that can be visited in the area and the route is a dirt road that is often in very poor condition with many potholes and rocks embedded in the road.  Your other options for experiencing Monument Valley is to take a tour with a permitted tour company that can take you through different areas of the valley, including the restricted areas that are closed to the public.  Sandstone Tours is a great option for your tour as you get a personal tour experience in a comfortable 4x4 open-air truck that isn't cramped with large tour groups.  You can either make a reservation with a tour company before your visit to the valley, where you will meet your tour provider at a pickup location near the park for your tour of the Valley.  You can also just show up at the Tribal Park and get a tour from the current tour provider in the tour information booth.

Mystery Valley Square House Ruins - Sandstone Tours

One of the main reasons that it is good to get a reservation for your tour of the Monument and/or Mystery Valley is that this tour information booth is manned by tour companies who operate in a regular rotation throughout each day.  This means that at any given time there is a different company in the window providing tours.  Tour companies are just like any other companies some are good and some are bad.  If you do not make a reservation you stand a very good chance of ending up on a tour where you are cramped in with a large tour group, having to pay very high prices, getting a tour with a non-native guide, going on a tour in a vehicle that is not comfortable or well maintained.  Because the tour companies are free to set their own prices, they often charge very high prices at the tour information booth, and you have no choice but to pay the expensive price or wait a variable amount of time for the next provider to service the booth.  With Sandstone tours you can avoid all of this headache and know that you are getting a personal tour experience in a 4x4 open-air vehicle with a friendly Navajo tour guide at a competative price.  Our internet pricing is some of the best around and we strive to provide excellent service to our patrons.  If you reserve your tour with us on the internet you have the option of a private tour, which guarantees you a guide and truck dedicated to your tour. By reserving online with Sandstone Tours, you can skip the hassle and often haggling of dealing with the tour companies at the tour information booth and you can have your reservation requested in just a few minutes. We accept cash, credit cards and travelers checks and will be there to meet you and quickly get you going on your tour of Monument Valley.