"Greetings" in our Navajo Language.

Winter Rates Available on select tours!

We are a premier Navajo owned and operated tour company, touring visitors that have come to see one of the many wonders of the Southwest United States.

We utilize 4x4 SUVs and large passenger vehicles to take you comfortably into Monument Valley's hidden beauty.

Come join us, on an unforgettable tour though the valley's huge monoliths, and towering cliffs of orange-red SandStone.

Our Guides

Navajo Guides of Monument Valley

Our Navajo Guides have many years of experience guiding visitors through Monument Valley.

The Landscape

Two of Many Unique Valleys of Northeastern Arizona

Monument Valley and Mystery Valley are located in the northeastern region of Arizona.  Made famous by trading companies in the early 1900's.

Our Vehicles

Traversing the Terrain

Our 4x4 vehicles are designed to transport visitors comfortably and safely through the area's rough terrain.

Navajo Nation Flag

President:  Jonathan Nez

Vice President:  Myron Lizer

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